The Most Precious Gift From My Mother; These Truly Are The Things That Matter…

May 18, 2009 by

Yesterday I picked up my mom up to watch my daughter’s bellydance troupe perform.  While I call Mom everyday with a daily “I love you call”, when we spend time together at her house, at someone else’s house or at a predetermined destination, we don’t usually arrive together.  So I didn’t see until yesterday that she’s slowed down in the last few months.  The reality of how much she has, indeed, slowed down was overwhelming as I watched her walk many steps toward our destination.

She moved so hesitantly, hunched over and grabbing hold of the next available item to pull herself forward if she didn’t have another person or a cane or walker to help her.  She studied so intently on taking the next step, being careful not to fall, her mouth hanging open in focus.  It was hard for her to breathe.  I held her walker, then her cane, and then her arm.  My heart broke as I watched the prayer warrior, fighter and survivor work so hard to get where she was going.  There was a lump in my throat as I forced back the tears, thinking of how my brothers and sisters and family members have seen this and how it must hurt them.

Once in the car I got a phone call and started explaining a very painful, life-altering situation I’m living through.  Once I got off the phone, she asked about it and I told her, explaining that it’s been more than difficult to deal with so I’ve been edgy but don’t intend to be short with her as I explain it.  I said, “Mom, I shouldn’t even be telling you this.  You don’t need something to worry about.”

“You have to tell me these things, honey,” she replied.  “If you don’t, I can’t pray, and praying is what I do.  I hurt when you hurt and I need to know how to pray.” I told her ok and that I loved her very much.

I took her home later and turned to get in my car, realizing that I could have held her longer, hugged her harder and told her more deeply how much I love her.  I listened to that unction and went back to say, “Mom, I need to tell you good-bye the right way.”  I hugged her hard and told her how blessed I am to have her as my mom.

As I described to my husband the state she is in, I wept hard.  I told him how sad I was that he lost his mom to cancer but how it was a blessing he didn’t have to see the aging process do what it does.  Perhaps I was feeling sorry for myself or perhaps I was realizing something I’ve known for some time now and never faced.

This morning I went to her church and sat next to her.  The service was especially meaningful and, with all I’m going through right now, I cried pretty hard.  As I leaned forward in my pew and worked to control the sobbing, I felt a hand on my back, a hand that had placed itself there so many times over the years.  I heard her whispers as she cried out to the Lord on my behalf.  When she was done praying for me, she gave me several of what our family has come to refer to as “Gramma Jetta pats” on the leg.  She told me how much she loves me and that she knows God has a plan.

God has a plan.  Those words from one whose prayers move mountains.

This was the most precious gift I’ve received in a long time.  To know her body is failing, to know she may go home to glory soon, and to know beyond a shadow of any doubt that she is on her knees for her family on a daily basis is a gift beyond description.  To know, at that moment, her hand was on me and she was interceding on my behalf brings me joy I cannot describe.  I have been given a gift that some will never know.  I am so blessed.

I wanted to share this with you today to remind you not to miss the things in life that matter.  Someone has been, is, and will be praying for you; there is no greater gift.  When it is done unselfishly and physically demonstrated by such a prayer warrior as my mom, you KNOW God is going to hear and meet that need.  Halleluiah.  I so love my mom!!

Thank you for letting me share my heart.

Are you being a Wise Steward? With your time?

May 14, 2009 by

I just wanted to share this video.  I have the honor of getting to speak to our Thin & Healthy Network every month at a meeting we host at the corporate office.  This is an excerpt from one of the last meetings that I have recieved amazing feedback from, so I wanted to share it with you.

It addresses how being a wise steward of your time will easily bring about positive thinking and help you influence others.

This 8 minute video also teaches you how I turned doubt in my future, to hope and peace.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Are You Stuck Running In Place?

December 1, 2008 by

“It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that.” ~Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
I’ll bet you’re like me.  We go, go, go… only to look up and find ourselves in the same place.  Yes, we DO have to go through a lot of the same maneuvers in order to just maintain life. We need to eat, we need to work, we need to sleep, we need to move, etc.
But consider doing these things differently or – may I suggest – better, so we can be absolutely certain the result will be better too. We can’t just eat, work, sleep or move. We need to do these things purposefully so we can actually get somewhere.
Life is short! I’ll eat like it matters, so I’ll eat healthier. I’ll work on purpose and truly make a positive difference. I’ll sleep soundly and for the amount of hours that are good for me. I’ll move in a way that will have my body being well, fit and healthy. I will do things better so I can move forward!
In A CONSTANT State of Victory!

Going Back and Doing It Again

November 28, 2008 by

“If at first you don’t succeed, go back and do it again.”  ~Dov Charney, CEO American Apparel

A while back 20/20 aired a show called The New Rich.  IT reviewed four new entrepreneurs who’ve made it huge and some of the reasons they believe it’s happened.  Dov Charney is from Canada.  During college, he brought 15,000 t-shirts into Canada from the U.S.  He had success with selling them.  He dropped out of college and with a borrowed $10,000.00 he moved to the Carolinas and began American Apparel, making cotton apparel in the USA, for the world.  When other manufactures began making their items abroad, for sixteen cents an hour, he was forced into bankruptcy.  Now wait!  Listen to this.  He wasn’t defeated.  He decided there had to be a better way that he had just not yet found.  He was passionate about his idea and knew he could get other people to be too.  So, a college drop out, with a $10,000.00 loan and a bankrupt company continued in the SAME BUSINESS in the SAME COMPANY.

The show was aired from the company’s 800,000 square foot manufacturing facility in L.A. where he pays his employees, all immigrants, about $12.00 per hour.  They’re happy, he’s happy, and… oh yes… the company now has 30 stores and will do $200,000,000.00 in sales this year.  Maybe there’s something you’ve tried and not seen the results you hoped for.  You can begin again, differently, and see your dreams come true.  Dov said, “It only takes passion for what you’re doing and belief that big things with it are possible.”

Life is Short. I’ll not quit or see things as hopeless.  I’ll realize people go through situations all the time that are less than ideal and I’ll remember I can not only start again, but succeed even more than I thought I would in the first place.

In A CONSTANT State of Victory!


The Victory Principle Success Cast

November 26, 2008 by

Victory Principle Success Cast Have you check out TSTN’s Success Cast yet?

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